Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back Online

So yea, you, my imaginary followers, may have noticed I've been somewhat absent...

I've been rather busy...

The new company I've joined, Chamonix IT Consulting, has been going great guns and we've had more work than we know what to do with! A very good situation to be in, but not overly conducive to keeping my blog up to date.

Anyway, I'm back now, and hoping to maintain momentum for a while.

So what's been keeping me busy for the last few months?

Well, I've been doing some really interesting work for a number of clients, including a proof of concept into replacing WebMethods with BizTalk 2010 as a middleware platform - which was so successful it's now become a full BizTalk implementation and migration / development exercise; and another prototype replacing an established paper-based forms process with an automated workflow process based on SharePoint 2010, InfoPath and SharePoint Designer workflow - which has also been very successful to the extent that we have other customers within the business queuing up to assist with their processes!

It's been great to be involved in a couple of such successful projects - and although we've been working with some of the latest technologies in the Microsoft stack, that really is the best part of the success: being able to use these technologies to make our customers' lives better! I know it's an oft-cited goal of IT, but in my experience a lot of the time, for one reason or another, the benefits that were part of the original vision for an initiative are never realised.

I find it interesting that both these successes have started as proof of concepts or prototypes and have progressed in a fairly agile manner... is there something in that?

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