Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Adventures with BizTalk: HTTP "GET" Part 1

[Note: This post is based upon an old blog post that I'm migrating for reference purposes, so some of the content might be a bit out of date. Still, hopefully it might help someone sometime...]

A while ago I was involved in a BizTalk project where we had a conceptually simple (and I would expect common) requirement: We would be receiving messages from an external party, and as part of the orchestration processing of those messages, we needed to use information in the message to dynamically retrieve one or more files from an external website based on a provided URL and then write it out to a pre-configured location in the filesystem.
I'll point out at this stage that the problem I'm attempting to solve here is actually getting the remote file: the parts about extracting the URL from the original incoming message and also writing the file once retrieved out to the filesystem are trivial...
Anyway, it couldn't be that hard to retrieve a remote file, could it? After all, BizTalk is all about connectivity, and has a host of adapters that should be able to solve this problem!
Over the next few posts, I'll describe my adventures in devising an appropriate solution to this problem, and you'll see that it wasn't as easy as it sounds (or as it should be)!
Potential Solutions

To start off in this post I'll list each of the potential solutions I considered:
That's it for this time, next time I'll start making my way through each of the solutions, discarding them at will!!!

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